Member Advisory: Swine Flu Reference Links

A special Thank You to the Vermont Ambulance Association and Vermont Emergency Management for creating this list.

Pandemic Flu/Swine Flu Situation Reports/Info:


Main Swine Flu Web Link:

Case Counts:

Guidance and Recommendations:

Influenza General Resources

Influenza OPLAN

Info Phone Line:   1-800-CDC-INFO

Key Facts:

Seasonal Flu Overview


Public Health Emergency Declaration:

DHHS/Pandemic Flu.Gov

Federal and world response stages:

Use of Pneumococcal Vaccine

State-by-State Pandemic Planning and status:



FEMA Assistance for Pan Flu:

Google Maps Swine Flu Tracking Tool:,-110.390625&spn=15.738151,25.488281&z=5

Mexican Department of Health:

Office of Personnel Management (HR and US Govt personnel Issues):

Advice to Federal Employees and Agencies on Preventing the Spread of the Current Flu and Maintaining Readiness to Use HR Flexibilities if Necessary

Pan American Health Organization:

Main Site:

Flu Page:

World Health Organization:

Confirmed H1N1 case count:

Pandemic Alert System/Levels:

Swine Flu Page:

Masks and PPE:

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