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Happy New Year from First Responder Society President

First Responder SocietyI want to wish all my EMS family a Happy New Year, and I hope that we as a EMS family can make 2011 shine. For those of you that were unable to make it to the 2010 state EMS conference, you missed a great time with our family and some good educational classes.

In 2009, Dwayne Aalseth was elected as a state officer and had to resign as the Medical Responder (First Responder) president, and I was given the chance to finish out his year as president. I enjoyed it and learned alot that our Society does that people are not even aware of. At the Society meeting at conference I was elected to served as the new president for the next 2 year term, and I want to say a special thanks to all in that meeting that elected me to this position. Thanks for having the faith in me to do this society a good job, and I will put my all into my position.


1st Responder Spotlight

The Center Ridge Volunteer Fire Department (CRVFD) is located in Conway County and received the 2008 1st Responder Service of the Year. This team includes six 1st responders, five basics, two nurses and one paramedic. One of the basics Kim Hall was the AEMTA EMT of Year in 2007. Center Ridge is an integral part of the community going above and beyond the call of duty. Center Ridge responds to an average of 75 calls a year for the last 27 years. Knowing the importance of training CRVFD provides continuing education to all personnel, and sends 1st responders with 1 year experience to EMT school. Congratulations to Conway County District #7 (Center Ridge VFD).

Center Ridge Volunteer Fire Department

Center Ridge Volunteer Fire Department

1st Responder Presidential Message

Hello again and hope the post conference finds you well. We had another eventful conference with several things going on. For those of you that were not able to make it or the annual meeting let me try to bring to bring you up to speed. President Bill Brown has taken a job in Jonesboro as a police officer and turned in his resignation. As Vice president I will finish the year 2008 in his place, I will also serve as your 2009 President. We will be posting the bylaw changes here on Lifeline and hope to vote on them at Spring Fling, so please be looking for these to review. The 1st Responder certification came up again as a HOT issue. I have agreed to work close with the newly formed fire society on this. I believe with the numbers and political strength of the fire service, they will be a valuable asset in this fight. We will be attending the GAC training committee on a regular basis to attempt to have it in legislation as soon as possible. I would like to get the 1st Responder Spotlight going again, so get me information and pictures of your services so we can spotlight you and your agency. Remember the AEMTA and your society is here for you let us know what you think. Until next time have fun and be safe out there.

New Officers for First Responder Society

New First Responder Officers were elected at the AEMTA EMS Conference in August. They are:

President: Dewayne Aalseth
Vice President: Ronnie Russell
Secretary/Treasurer: Delinda Duckworth
Parliamentarian: Verman Sears