As the old Christmas song says, “Christmas make you feel emotional”, it does me.  When I was an EMT a long time ago my wife, and I made a deal.  If I had my option to work one of the holidays it would be New Years.  I am happy to report that deal worked in my case but many EMS workers, Fire Service, Law Enforcement and public servants don’t have holiday time off.  Some one said it’s only a day and that is correct.  Thanksgiving occurs every time you walk through the door to your home.  Christmas occurs every time you receive the gift of another day, and every time the sun rises above the eastern sky.  It is truly a Happy New day.

It is the time we spend with our love ones that count, maybe it’s not December 25 but the 26 when you get off shift, time is time.  I do love this time of the year.  We can remember the good of the past year and embrace the dreams of the new.  I get a great reward when I see my children and grandchildren open their gifts I have worked so hard to find.  Yes, and even sometimes I fool my wife.  Presents are great, but that special time with our families is what counts.

Most of us know the Bible version of the first Christmas found in Luke 2.  A young pregnant family traveled to a town because of a government census.  They arrived in this small town to find that there was no room in the inn.  Forced to find shelter they made the best of this bad situation and took shelter in an area designed to keep livestock.  During the night she gave birth and name the boy Jesus.  There was no room in the inn 2000 years ago and today we have to ask, does He have a room in your life?  Everyone has heard John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. But I find the next verse one that blesses me, John 3:17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

During this Christmas Season please make room for Him.  He came to save the world and all we have to do is accept Him as our Savior.  Some get caught up in the babe in a manager, but we need to know that He came to Earth to die on an old rugged cross 30 years later.  But his death was not senseless, He was the perfect sacrifice for our sins and the completion of the God’s plan for man’s salvation.  The message is clear.  Make room for him because he has made room at the foot of the cross for you.  Stay safe!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.