You probably have heard the old statement from Benjamin Franklin that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Did you know the Arkansas Department of Health offers a new program called Be Well Arkansas to help your patients prevent heart attack and stroke? This can be part of your hospital discharge planning process to give out cards provided to you with information on the Be Well Arkansas program to your patients (particularly those who just had a stroke or heart attack) for how they may access these tools. These resources are aimed at improving your patients’ health including controlling blood pressure, managing diabetes and quitting using tobacco. If you are interested in receiving free cards to give to patients (see attachment #1) on the Be Well Arkansas program (seeattachment #1) just send an email with your request to adh.tpcp@arkansas.govand you will receive them!

By giving these cards to your patients, you will connect them with a large number of resources they can access from the state including:

·        1-800 Number – By calling the following number, patients can be connected with resources on not only quitting using tobacco, but also on blood pressure control and management of diabetes:1-833-283-WELL (see attachment #2)

·        Online – The following web site has various resources such including receiving help through online chat and accessing cell phone applications to help address health risk

·        Lifestyle Coaches – These coaches are available in every region of the state to help patients eat healthy, be physically active, and manage stress

·        Hypertension Nurse Managers – Some local health units have care managers to help manage high blood pressure

·        Medication Therapy Management (MTM) – Many pharmacies offer the MTM program to help make sure patients are getting the best results out of medicines  for conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes

If you have any questions please let me know. Or you can reach out to Alicia Neppl, ADH Cessation Section Chief, who is an expert on these resources  Best, Dave

p.s. If you click here you will see a 2 minute TV news story on the Be Well Arkansas program:

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