Meeting was called to order at 12:03

Dee Shaw, Secretary, could not be reached, therefore, minutes from previous meetings could not be obtained.

Leon Cheatham delivered the Treasurer’s Report. He stated that when he accepted the position, there was a total of $5100 in our bank account. There is now a total of $5197.98 in the account following the Instructor Retreat. Leon asked that we consider turning the funds over to the General AEMTA program.

A motion to accept this report was made by Joe Chappell and seconded by KC Jones.
Millie Allen presented the report for the Best Practice subcommittee. They are looking at the possibility of starting a mentorship program for instructors. There was a mixed reaction from those in attendance. At this point, we were reminded that the Arkansas Dept. of Health Section of EMS holds us accountable for our classes and their success. Amy Berryman from the Section of EMS informed us that they have split the state into regions and announced the names of the EMS Specialist for each region:

Northwest – Eryn Cone

Northeast – Scott Gann

Southwest – Jamie Clarke

Central – Amy Berryman

Southeast – Amy Berryman (temporarily until that position is filled).

Amy also advised us to contact the specialist for our individual region to get to know them.

Dwayne Alseth made a motion to appoint 3 people to look at the bylaws of the Instructor Society and to have a report due 90 days prior to Spring Fling to present any possible changes. This motion was seconded by KC Jones.

Elections were also made during this meeting. The new officers are:

President – Scott Endres, Vice President – David Jones, Secretary – Carrie Steward, Treasurer – Millie Allen

A motion was made by Janelle Johnson to send notices to instructors about their renewal for this society. This was seconded by Amy Cox.

There was a motion to adjourn at 1:00 by David Jones and seconded by Amy Cox.