Ronny Russell
Hello, for all that might not know me, my name is Ronny Russell and I am your newly elected AEMTA President for the 2014-2015 Term. As President of the new administration I would like to thank Dwayne Aalseth and his past Board of Directors for all their hard work and dedication, not only for the association but for the members and Arkansas EMS.

As always with each new administration, we will face many new challenges, first of all by earning the respect and trust from the general membership, second by showing that we are going to strive to make things better not only for the Association, but for its members and Arkansas EMS.

We have several new things planned for this year, and as members I hope you take advantage of them. Also we will continue to hold our Board meetings bi- monthly and encourage any member to come and attend one of these board meeting and give us any feedback or concerns you might have. You can go to and look on the front page in the announcement section and see the date, time and location of each meeting.

One of the great things the AEMTA has to offer to its members is our annual Spring Fling which is only 10 days away, which is March 7th and 8th at the Durand Conference Center in Harrison Arkansas. Again by popular demand this year we will be adding an extra day and having a First responder Competition which will be on March 6th at 1:00pm with registration starting at 12:00.

As President and along with the new Board of Directors, promise that we will work hard for you in whatever it takes to make Arkansas EMS be the best it can be! I hope everyone has a safe and productive year and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me either contact me by email at: or my cell at (870) 692-1927. You also can contact any of the other Board Members; their info can be found on the website, just look on the left side of the webpage and click on Board Members.

Ronny Russell
AEMTA President
I Support Arkansas EMS, AEMTA and NAEMT