Due to discrepancies in the previous election, the AEMTA Board of Directors unanimously voted to hold a re-election of the office of President (this was the only contested office).  During the General Membership meeting, a motion was made to suspend the bylaws in reference to elections.  This motion was passed by those present.  With the motion, the Board voted to utilize VoteNet to hold this re-election.

Voting Information

Voting Dates:  October 14, 2013 starting at 12:00 a.m. – October 28, 2013 ending at 11:59 p.m.

Website to Vote:

VoteNet Login Instructions

Once you use the above link and are at the ballot homepage you will be required to login.  (Note:  Usernames and passwords are NOT case sensitive.)

Username:   Your username is comprised of your first name initial and last name (for example, John Doe = jdoe).  The username is based on either your AEMTA Membership or your Arkansas EMS professional license.

Some things you should consider with your username are:

1) Your first name may either be the name you use every day or your legal first name depending on how you are registered with the state or the AEMTA.

2) If you have a two name last name it has been put together for your username (for example, John Del Rio = jdelrio).

3) If you use your maiden name in your last name then your username will use the last listed last name (for example, Jane Doe Smith or Jane Doe-Smith = jsmith).

Password: Your password is your Arkansas EMS professional number or your AEMTA membership number.  (For example, John Doe’s EMS professional license number is 99999 so this is his password or Jane Doe’s AEMTA membership number is FR9999 so this is her password.)

If your Arkansas EMS professional number falls between 1 – 999, place zeros in from of the number to create four (4) digits (for example, 1 = 0001, 99 = 0099, and 999 = 0999).

Voting or Username/Password Assistance

Should you need any assistance with your username or password please e-mail  Please remember that there are over 7,000 voting members so we will return every message as soon as possible.

Download a print friendly version of this information here.