The Arkansas Instructor Coordinator Society held their yearly retreat in Little Rock on June 22, 2013. The Retreat brought national educators to Arkansas. NAEMSE Implementation of the National EMS Education Standards was designed to provide a framework upon which EMS Educators will build curricula and assessment based on the National EMS Education Standards. The transition to standards-based education is a process that begins with a clear understanding of what education standards are and how to develop benchmarks upon which curricula is designed and competency assessment measures are performed.

The workshop was designed to examine the standards themselves for clarity and understanding. Interactive sessions reviewed ways to develop curriculum, classroom activities and lessons that address the content of the standards in ways that enhance student learning. Lastly, the workshop addressed the manner in which student learning is assessed and measured from an outcome-based approach. This is essential for the accurate measurement of student proficiency according to the standards; and will present strategies through which an instructor will maintain accountability for student learning, and a system for continuous quality improvement.

NAEMSA also explained that test generators only address questions on the first two rungs of Bloom’s Taxonomy. National Registry written exams include questions of critical thinking involved in the high rungs. As a bonus, we were exposed to the theory of free radicals from oxygen. If interested in it, check out the YouTube video “free radicals and the heart”. It will make you think about how we have approached oxygen delivery. Click here to watch the video

Sadly, only 28 educators from Arkansas made it to the event.

The Instructor Coordinator Society would like to thank the AEMTA for assisting us with this project. Enjoy the photo gallery below…