NATIONAL EMS WEEK…. What is EMS? EMS is technically termed Emergency Medical Services. Technically it is providing emergency medical services to people who are in need in a pre-hospital setting.

FROM A TEACHER….. It is a profession in which they teach skills based on Basic and/or Advanced Life Support skills. One in which they see people with a desire (some call it a sickness) to do this job. One they have loved to do and one in which they want to share the knowledge they have gained with others.

FROM A STUDENT……A profession of lights, sirens, excitement, all hours of the day and night being in the middle of sickness, chaos, and wanting to help someone and wanting to be right in the middle of all that happens.

FROM A PROVIDER:….Depending on the service you work for, and I will base this on the amazing one I am a part of: A way of life, one in which they strive to not only do good for the better wellbeing of people, but to have a successful career, business, equipment, great employees, and a positive repertoire. One that is a part of the heart and love they have for EMS and take it to a higher level.

FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC WITH NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE……ambulance driver… (I won’t EVEN get started on this subject).

FROM A SPOUSE, LOVED ONE, And FAMILY MEMBER…..The person I love works hard, long hours, has such a drive and passion for others. They put others’ lives in front of his/hers to aide in all ways that they can. They eat on the go, and they sleep when they can. They talk nonstop about this call or that, they have deep caring emotions in which they sometime can mask those when needed but share when its most important….There is MUCH MORE…however it goes hand in hand with the next category….

FROM the EMT/PARAMEDIC…………A CALLING, A DRIVE, A PASSION, A FIRE, A SICKNESS, A MUST-DO….to help, aide, and be as much a help to someone they can. After long grueling hours of class, clinical, and practice test, onto national tests, and orientation , Often one can watch from the outside the transformation from a green EMT/MEDIC to the seasoned one. One who works away from home, 12, 24, 48 and sometimes 72 hours at a time. One who dines on fast foods many times, can sleep in an ambulance standing by waiting for the next call. Many times walking into the face of danger, shots fired, stabbing in progress, suicide, fights…car wrecks, explosions and more. Watching that person struggle to breath, knowing they have limited time, but calming, reassuring and striving to do all they can for the patient, all while the stomach is churning from hunger, the eyes are heavy with sleepiness, and the uniform still has blood somewhere from the gang member who died in their arms on the last call. Comforting a family when you have busted your butt, did all you could do, begged, pleaded, prayed, and worked even harder only to tell the family their loved one didn’t make it.

How about one who misses a holiday meal, a ballgame of their child, an anniversary, a holiday, or baptism. One who has to watch the child die from a drunk driver and still smile at the grandma or grandpa who fell and broke hip moments later? One who has to curve the emotions at times when they are run down, ragged, only to have to respond to that person who has been sick for 4 days, and decides at 4 am they need to go to the hospital right then. There are benefits….seeing that heartbeat after continuous CPR knowing God wasn’t ready for that person and He allowed you to help. Having that mom or dad come by and bring the child that survived because you were able to intervene during an asthma attack. The guy who sees you months later walks on one leg thanking you because you carried him almost a mile out of the woods from a traumatic incident. I could go on…..The biggest benefit of EMS…. Is actually fulfilling the desire, feeding the hunger, and LOVING the sickness that is deep within.

I offer my praise to all my past, present, and future leaders, mentors, students, teachers, providers and more this week. I thank you all for how you touched my life, how you have taught me, wept with me, laughed and cried with me. Those countless hours that you and your partner alone in a truck talk and share all aspect of their life. Happy National EMS week to all those with this desire, sickness, hunger and PASSION…… I am honored to be a part of this group, and I cannot see myself doing anything else. It IS a CALLING. I thank my family who stands behind me and allows me the freedom and support to do what I love.