Dwayne Aalseth

Dwayne Aalseth

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted. The Board (2012 and 2013) and I have been working hard for you and the rest of the AEMTA. There are a few things that will greatly affect our membership in the next year that you need to know.

First the Board voted to partner with American Income Life Insurance Company to provide every member with a $2500 accidental death and dismemberment benefit. This is at NO COST TO YOU or your family, and is in effect at this time. We also signed up for an option for your services, companies, and departments to become a partner, which could add an additional $2000 benefit. This coupled with the Arkansas EMS Foundation’s benevolence fund, could give every member’s family $5000 in the event of an on or off duty accidental death. You will be receiving a benefits letter and package soon that will explain all benefit opportunities. You do not have to return the card in the packet to receive the $2500 benefit, but by not returning the card it will limit other benefits that you are eligible for.

Next on the list is the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) certification bill. The AEMTA has been very instrumental in having Senator Jonny Key, to sponsor a bill in legislation to create an EMR certification in Arkansas. I would hope that every EMS provider in Arkansas will be in support of an EMR certification, and would contact their State Legislators to comment on the proposed legislation. This bill in my opinion would elevate patient care by assuring that every 1st response service agency in our state is providing the same level of care in each county. We will be giving you updates here on Lifeline when we receive them, so check in daily as we may ask for you to come to the Capital.

The Department of Health Section of EMS has also been working hard for you and Emergency Medical Service Professional (EMSP) of our State. The proposed new rules have been published for your viewing and comment. Again I encourage each of you to review these proposed changes and contact your AEMTA regional representative, Society President’s, and/or officers with pro’s or con’s on these revisions. We have a good working relationship with Greg Brown (Section Chief) and his staff, and will express your views on the proposed changes. Remember if you don’t let us know what you think, we as an Association cannot speak for our members! So please let us know as we are here for you.

The bylaw retreat was completed and the proposed changes are being written. Final Board review will be at the Section of EMS in the Freeway Medical Building in Little Rock February 12 at 09:00. I invite every member to come and give input on these revisions before we publish them. Afterward the AEMTA will place them on Lifeline and give a paper copy out to members in attendance at Spring Fling in March for your review. The membership will vote on the proposed bylaw changes at the general meeting at conference.

Finally we are expanding the annual Spring Fling; we will be adding a day and activities. Spring Fling will be held March 7th through the 9th in Dumas, AR. There will be an EMS challenge, expanded vendor hall and Fishing Tournament among other things. You will not want to miss out on the biggest Spring Fling ever. Look for updates on Lifeline coming soon.

Until next time, be safe and continue to represent our profession and state great.