KC Jones, AEMTA Chaplin

KC Jones, AEMTA Chaplin

As my prayers and thoughts go out to Newtown CT and those who lost loved ones, my memories turn to another school shooting on a warm spring day. That day was like any other until the day was shattered with that frantic 911 call.

Just like last Friday my heart sank, and I thought why? How could a loving God allow this to happen?

As Mike Huckabee said in an interview we have systematically removed God from our society and when something horrible happens we ask, where is God? He is there letting us follow our own sinful nature.

The acts of Connecticut & Jonesboro share one thing, they are acts of Evil! No gun control, knife control, mental health reform could stop these actions. One law could have stopped it, Thou shalt not kill! If those who killed these innocent children had been taught this law this would not have happened.

This is one of 10 laws God gave Moses and the children of Israel. We must teach and observe these 10 commandments to live peaceably with others. As long as we keep God out of our society evil acts will continue. Let us put God back into our lives and society. May the God of Peace keep you safe.