This week during the Governor’s Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council Meeting, Greg Brown from the Section of Emergency Medical Services presented the 2012 proposed EMS Rules and Regulations. After some discussion, the council voted to recommend that the Section of EMS present the proposed rules and associated documents to the state for a cursory review.

It is important to remember the following regarding these proposed rules. This is not the start of the official administrative process. This is to allow the initial version of the rules to be reviewed by all stakeholders and to provide early comments and alternate solutions to the Section so that potential changes can be made prior to starting the official administrative process. That process will begin at a later time once these rules have been reviewed. Here is a list of the documents that are attached in no particular order.

1. The Proposed Rules in both a marked up version for you to see what was added or deleted from the current rules and the rules without markups.

2. The Proposed New Equipment List for all levels of permitted ambulances

3. A breakdown of the Proposed Scope of Practice by EMS license level

4. The Proposed Scope of Practice chart for all levels combined.

5. The Comment and Solution form.

UPDATE: 12/12/2012

The Trauma Triage Guidelines that were created earlier this year were inadvertently left off the original article about the proposed rules. It was the intent that this document be attached to the rules as a guideline for the trauma patient. This was addressed in the EMS Subcommittee to the TAC, the GAC and various committees and TRACS. Everyone should be very familiar with this document. Greg Brown, Section Chief of the Section of Emergency Medical Services anticipates that there will be a statement within the “trauma section” of the rules that reads as follows:

“The Field Triage Decision Scheme should be used when triaging trauma patients and for transport considerations.”

The comment and solution form gives you the ability to type your comments into the form. Please complete that form and send that back to Greg Brown if you have items that you feel need to be addressed. We ask that if you feel a proposed regulation is questionable or should be replaced or removed, that you also propose a solution.

*** DEADLINE ***

Please have all comments and suggestions returned to Greg Brown by January 1, 2013. This will give him time to make whatever changes are needed and present back to the GAC in February for recommendation to move forward with the proposed rules.

For more information, contact Greg Brown:

Greg Brown
Section Chief
Section of Emergency Medical Services
Arkansas Department of Health
5800 West 10th Street, Suite 800
Little Rock, AR 72204