The AEMTA recently┬ásponsored Vehicle Rescue Courses in Pine Bluff which consisted of 4 classes (Ultimate Vehicle Rescue Train-the-Trainer, VX 2012 Level 1- Extrication A-Z, VX 2012 Level 2 – Multiple Vehicle and Mass Casualty and VX 2012 Heavy Rescue – Large Vehicle, Trucks and Busses) and was taught by Todd Hoffman from Scene of the Accident.

The series of classes prepared all responders (Fire, EMS, and First Responders) for 2012 and beyond. New steels, new designs, Alternative fuels, advance restraint systems, high voltages and high pressure devices were covered in detail. We were taught the newest techniques and procedures required to safely and efficiently extricate patients from the stronger, more hi-tech vehicles. The classes gave hands-on skills needed to identify hazards, use equipment, and apply techniques to support and participate in the rescue. This included new rapid extrication techniques, MCI and multiple vehicle situations, and dealing with large trucks and vehicles.

Todd did an excellent job teaching these new techniques and alternative ways to save lives. All those that were able to attend walked away with lots of new information and new techniques that will save many lives in the future. Special thanks to SEARK in Pine Bluff for allowing the AEMTA to have these classes at their facility.

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