On May 23, 2012, the EMS Family gathered at the Arkansas Capital to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Parade of Lights and EMS Week Celebration. A great time was had by all who attended as the vision for our EMS future was shared with everyone. We had the opportunity to reflect on our past and honor those who have gone before us.

At a board meeting of the AEMTA at the 2011 Annual South Central Regional EMS Conference held in Hot Springs, AR, the AEMTA agreed to begin the process known as the EMS Hall of Fame. It was decided at that meeting that the initial class would consist of 5 EMS Professionals who have gone above and beyond in our Profession. People who have made a difference in the outcome of our patients’ and the lives that they have touched over the years.

It was also determined that after the inaugural inductees that there will be an addition of 3 people each year to be added to this prestigious honor and these will be inducted each year to coincide with the Parade of Lights at the State Capital.

This year, the inaugural class of inductees were Dr. E.P. Hammons, Dr. Marvin Liebovich, Dr. Timothy Calicott, David A. Taylor, Sr. and Earl Triplett. All 5 of these gentlemen have paved the way for increasing knowledge, dedication and an overall improvement to patient care that we encompass today.

Dr. E.P. Hammons award was presented by K.C. Jones and will be given to the E.P. Hammons Foundation . Dr. Hammons was the first Paramedic Instructor in Arkansas and paved the way for many different classes to be formed. He was an icon in our industry as he fought many battles with his fellow physicians on those EMS cowboys doing too much in the field. Dr. Hammons was a great advocate to every EMS Professional in Arkansas until his death.

Dr. Marvin Liebovich award was presented by Pat Humm. Dr. Liebovich was one of our founding fathers of aeromedical transport in Arkansas. He also sat as chair of the Governor’s Advisory Council for EMS for many years assisting our Profession in the growth and movement to be aggressive and do what you are taught in the field prior to transport. Dr. Liebovich could not attend the ceremony due to work conflicts, however his award was graciously accepted by the Med Flight staff and was hand delivered to him.

Dr. Timothy Calicott’s award was presented by Greg Brown. Dr. Calicott has been very instrumental in bringing new and innovative ideas across our Profession and ensuring that our patients’ are well provided for in the field. Dr. Calicott has provided many hours to our Profession while improving our patients’ chance of survival in the field by standing firm on I/O drills as well as RSI for adults. He has provided many hours of dedication to our Profession as a Medical Director for several different services and been a constant provider of continuing education for not only these services, but everyone in the state as he has lectured for many years at different EMS events. Dr. Calicott graciously accepted his award at the ceremony and shared his time with his EMS family at the Section of EMS following.

David A.Taylor, Sr. award was presented by Rod Barrett. David was a best friend to anyone in the EMS Profession as he rode the position of our EMS Chief for the State of Arkansas. David always stood firm in respecting our Profession and would never back away from his stance for any reason, as long as it involved improvement to our patient. David had not been in EMS for many, many years as some have, however the time he had devoted to our Profession was always in the best possible outcome for the patient. David had the ability to work in his position to continue the improvement of patient care as well as a continued improvement for the provider in the field and it was always known that he stood with the crews as they done the best for their patient’s. David’s award was humbly accepted by his wife Judy, their grandson and their daughter Ginny Benton.

Earl Triplett, Jr. award was presented by Keith Edmonds. Earl was a pioneer in EMS joining the ranks as an EMT in 1975 and as a Paramedic in 1977. Earl was in the first Paramedic program taught in Arkansas by Dr. E.P. Hammons. He was also on the first call that an intubation was successfully performed in the field as well as the first IV medications given in the field. Earl spent many years teaching those that came behind him about the first years of Paramedicine and the outcome that his classmates and he had while attending class. He was always focused on the best for his patient, regardless of the time of day or the situation he was faced with. Earl was an icon in our Profession as he provided sound patient care and dedication to our Profession in every aspect. Earl’s award was graciously accepted by his wife, Angela, his daughters Dr. Kathleen Inman, Lindsey Triplett and Megan Triplett.

Following the induction ceremony, all members of the EMS Hall of Fame and their families were invited to attend the luncheon provided by the Section of EMS and visit with everyone in attendance as well as see the Wall of Fame that is being added to the section of EMS to display our honorees for years to come.
In the event you would like to nominate some one to the Arkansas EMS Hall of Fame for 2013, please send me an email at kedmonds10984@gmail.com with a description of the person you would like to nominate and a history of this person on their years of dedication to our Profession before March 1, 2013 so the appropriate notifications can be made in time prior to the next Parade of Lights.

As always, I thank you for all you do for your communities and those that you respond to daily. Please be safe in your response and quick in your treatments!

Keith Edmonds
Immediate Past President