I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and active members of the Arkansas Instructor’s Society for their undying desire to improve skills for all instructors throughout Arkansas.  This group of officers has worked diligently to recognize the needs of every instructor in Arkansas an address most of their concerns.  Also, this group has really made my trip as president of the Arkansas Instructor’s Society a very enjoyable journey.  It has been my honor to serve as your president.  Can’t believe I have just one more year remaining.

Emergency Medical Service Providers (EMSP) throughout the state will convene in Hot Springs the first week of August to learn, educate, meet old friends, and to just relax.  Instructors from all over Arkansas will be among those attending.  Being in the elder group of instructors, I was thinking about my first Arkansas EMS Conferences.  I was amazed at the knowledge, passion, and caring attitude our past instructors possessed.  They were amazingly confident in their passion to give each student knowledge to make that person the best EMT they could be.  Reminiscing about seemingly “time gone by” brought me to some questions.  Do Arkansas Instructors realize the importance of the job they chose to undertake?  Do they understand moving EMS into the future, in a huge part, is their responsibility?  Do they understand their involvement in all societies is an important step in maintaining quality education for all EMSP in the future?  I am certain that some of my questions are understood.  It is important that every instructor translate their knowledge and understanding of EMS to each student.  For Arkansas to move forward maintaining quality, educated, and dedicated EMSP is every Arkansas Instructor’s responsibility, young and old, to be the best they can be. Students and quality instructors are the future of EMS.  The Arkansas Instructor’s Society has provided instructors quality education at each retreat.  Each retreat was attended by many instructors, with most being instructors for a number of years.  The point is, if the younger generation does not get involved the Instructor’s Retreat could end.  If each of this year’s participants look around and search for the “Young Guns,” the future of EMS, you can’t find many participants.  Do your part and get your “Young Gun” involved.

Each year all societies have educational conferences.  All of these conferences make each of us a better person, better EMSP, and a better instructor.  The knowledge passed along by instructors provide the basis for new skills, new licensure/certifications levels, and generally improves the skills for every participant, thus improving the patient’s outcome.  It has been a long time since my original EMT course, but if I remember correctly I got into EMS to help people. Improving instructors will improve students and that improves patient outcomes.

Again, thanks to everyone, especially the officers of the Instructor’s Society for all of your kindness and assistance.