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Happy New Year from First Responder Society President

First Responder SocietyI want to wish all my EMS family a Happy New Year, and I hope that we as a EMS family can make 2011 shine. For those of you that were unable to make it to the 2010 state EMS conference, you missed a great time with our family and some good educational classes.

In 2009, Dwayne Aalseth was elected as a state officer and had to resign as the Medical Responder (First Responder) president, and I was given the chance to finish out his year as president. I enjoyed it and learned alot that our Society does that people are not even aware of. At the Society meeting at conference I was elected to served as the new president for the next 2 year term, and I want to say a special thanks to all in that meeting that elected me to this position. Thanks for having the faith in me to do this society a good job, and I will put my all into my position.


Ambulance Service Upgrades Technology

Shift Captain Rob Douthit shows Madison County EMS’ two new notebook computers.

Shift Captain Rob Douthit shows Madison County EMS’ two new notebook computers.

A recent grant has given Madison County EMS an opportunity to upgrade its technology. The service recently received a regional trauma grant from the Arkansas Department of Health. Part of the grant money was used to purchase two refurbished Panasonic Toughbook notebook computers. The notebooks are used in the field to gather patient information and to create patient reports for the hospitals and for the state. The Toughbooks also have a unique feature which allows signatures to be written on the screen and captured in memory for reports.

In addition to reports, Madison County EMS plans to use the notebooks as a reference library. Programs for emergency procedures, medication information, medical protocols, and hazardous materials will soon be added.

The same grant is also benefiting Madion County’s EMS responders. Emergency Medical Responders, or EMRs for short, respond to emergencies in their community and provide basic emergency medical care until the ambulance arrives. Through the grant MCEMS has purchased immobilization equipment for use by the responders. The equipment is used by the EMRs to treat car wreck patients and trauma victims. The used equipment is swapped for a new set by the responding ambulance. MCEMS is hosting a training class on the new immobilization equipment in February.