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Still Moving Forward!

Keith Edmonds, AEMTA President

Keith Edmonds, AEMTA President

What a wonderful 2010 South Central Regional EMS Conference we enjoyed this year. My utmost respect and appreciation to everyone involved in putting together such a great event. I know that each person involved in this event put a lot of free time as well as great efforts in seeing that each EMS Professional had the opportunity to come together and learn new and innovative ideas as well as brush up on some of the information that may have been stuck in the back of our minds. We also had the opportunity to rub shoulders and hug necks of those of our family that we haven’t had the opportunity to see in the past year as well as talk the streets with our comrades in arms.

I certainly wish that I could thank each person, ambulance service or anyone involved with our annual EMS Conference. The dedication that all of you have shown in making a difference in some one’s life is unremarkable and exemplary! We all know that it would take an enormous amount of time to make that happen but you know who you are and how much I do appreciate your efforts.



As we leave the Labor Day holiday and look forward to the leaves changing in our great state, I ask that we take a moment to reflect on the events leading up to the Labor Day holiday. On August 31, 2010, not only did we suffer a great loss in Arkansas EMS, but we lost part of our family during the crash of Air Evac 30. Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families of each of those that we lost during this horrific incident as well as the loss of our partners in many different aspects.

Most of us have encountered a situation that brings reality to the realm of our life during our years in EMS. If you haven’t had the occasion to reflect on the loss of a friend, colleague or partner, you will most likely in some point during your career. This is a situation that will arise from time to time in which we will reflect on the positive situations that these individuals have brought to our profession as well as all the smiles that they have instilled in our lives. Continued

Arkansas EMS Foundation establishes scholarship in memory of Gayla Gregory

The Arkansas EMS Foundation and the family and friends of Air Evac 22 crew member Gayla Gregory have established a scholarship fund in her memory.

Click here for more information about the Gayla Gregory EMS Memorial Scholarship.