Ben Blankenship

Ben Blankenship

Thanks, yes thanks to every one of you.  Thanks for allowing me to be your president for another year.  We had some great successes and we left some things to be accomplished in the near future.  I am most pleased with the legislation creating our trauma system.  I do believe that this one major step in our future will make the most significant difference in our ability to care for our patients that has occurred in quite some time in the history of emergency medical services in our state.

We also obtained licensure for our profession, no small feat.  Lots of work into the effort for this accomplishment and a tremendous amount of time and effort were committed just assembling the bill, in the end it was over 16 pages and the areas of other state law that we impacted were unbelievable.  While some still question the importance of obtaining licensure for our profession the majority of us know that we have made another step in elevating our profession.

While we had great success in the legislative effort for our association there were some efforts that were uncompleted and will be available for future opportunities.  I encourage the ones who are interested to begin now in preparation for the next legislative session.  We are a powerful voice in the legislature; our partnership with the Arkansas Ambulance Association gives additional credence to our requests for assistance.  It is interesting to watch the lawmakers respond when they know we are aligned with other representatives of our industry and they realize we do have strength in numbers.  I encourage the incoming leadership team to maintain our alliances; they do serve to benefit us all.

I encourage any of you who want to become involved in the leadership of our association to step up, become involved and help us to make a difference in our future.  Shyness is not a normal trait for people in our profession; we apply boldness to our delivery of patient care, boldly step out and assume your position in our future.  It is a rewarding effort and not only do we make a difference in our future but also in the future of the people we will care for in the days to come.

I’ve had the opportunity to be president of this amazing group of caregivers for a total of 5 years now and it is time for me to step back and let someone else lead this amazingly talented and diverse association as we avail ourselves of the opportunities available to us.

Thank you for honoring me with your trust and thank you for letting me head this organization.  It has been a humbling journey.

Stay Safe,