Robert Galligher, 2009 Star of Life Recipient

Robert Galligher, 2009 Star of Life Recipient

Robert Galligher, Arkansas & NREMT-Paramedic #15484, one of eleven stars of life submitted, was chosen the 2009 Arkansas Star of Life by the Arkansas Ambulance Association. He represented Arkansas at the national Stars of Life in Washington, DC in May.

Robert became a paramedic sixteen years ago, graduating from North Arkansas College in Harrison, Arkansas. He joined the Vital Link team on February 1, 2006 after a stellar 13 years at North Arkansas Medical Center EMS. Robert was soon given a chance to advance his career with an opportunity to become a Vital Link Clinical Supervisor. He eagerly accepted the challenge and the additional responsibilities at Vital Link’s Clinton base on September 1, 2006. He has devoted himself to representing Vital Link effectively and in forming working relationships with fire departments, the rescue squad, Ozark Health Medical Center and numerous other local agencies.

Robert is dedicated to EMS education and the advancement of Arkansas EMS. He serves as Vital Link’s Education Coordinator teaching annual refresher classes, as well as numerous continuous education classes. Robert is an American Heart Association Regional Faculty and participates fully in all American Heart activities.

Each year Robert prepares an ambitious training schedule for Vital Link that includes CPR for community groups, bystanders, health care providers, local fire departments, and continuing education for Vital Link employees. His teaching certifications include BLS, ACLS, PALS, EMT, Paramedic, PEPP and EVOT. Robert was recently instrumental in organizing First Responder Training for a large number of volunteer firemen in our service area.

Robert is also committed to emergency response. A commitment he has made real by continuing to seek educational opportunities and by taking responsibility for acquiring all the proper preparedness certifications. Robert is ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800 certified. These certifications were put to good use in 2008 when he served as the EMS Coordinator in Van Buren County during the days following the devastating February 5, 2008 tornado.

This past summer when Gustav and Ike rampaged across the Gulf States, Robert was deployed on August 30 through September 7, 2009 to assist with evacuations. During this deployment Robert accepted the appointment as an Arkansas Strike Team Leader, serving tirelessly and with distinction.

Just three days after his return, and with no complaint or thought for his own interests, Robert answered the call and returned to the Gulf on September 10 at the request of Arkansas public officials. Robert began the second deployment as a Strike Team Leader but was soon promoted to Arkansas Unit Leader and served in that capacity until the deployment ended on September 19th.

Despite his education, his many accomplishments, and his long service to EMS, Arkansas, and Vital Link, Robert is an unassuming, humble, person not seeking the limelight. Vital Link is proud to have him on our team.