It has been 10 years since his sudden death and the end of a successful but too short career.  He served his country, loved his state and never lost the passion to see patients restored to health.

Dr. Hammons was an Air Force doctor who saw the success of pre-hospital treatment for heart attack patients and wondered why they could do it in California and not do it in his home state of Arkansas. He had read the works of Dr. Frank Partridge and visited other advanced training sites. He knew if Arkansas was to ever have Advanced EMT’s (Paramedics), they needed to train here. He had faith that the revolution in emergency medical care was one that was needed here and his dedication to developing a training site.
He shared his vision with anyone that would listen and frequently told public gatherings how these Advance EMT’s would save lives by taking skills that were limited to nurses and doctors out into the streets — not a strange idea in 2008 but a radical idea in the 1970’s.  It seems like yesterday when I first stepped foot into the classroom and he started to share his passion for emergency care. He shared that passion many times, and it never did grow old until the day he died and then the Diamond in that Arkansas flag grew a little dimmer.

Thanks, Dr. Ed Hammons for everything you did for Arkansas EMS and sharing your passion.