Air Evac Lifeteam, a rural provider of air ambulance services, has expanded its service area in southern Arkansas with the opening of a base in Camden.

The base opened in December and is located at 100 Carr Road, Camden, Ark., on the campus of the Arkansas Fire Academy.

Rob Chastain was hired as the Program Director for the base and is actively recruiting employees. “We are hiring local people to serve the needs of their friends, families and neighbors,” explained Rob. “We work with the local hospital and want to become part of the Camden community.

“We are excited to become part of Camden EMS and would like to say thank you to the Arkansas Fire Academy for working with us to station a helicopter here for the people of south central Arkansas.”

Camden Air Evac Lifeteam base is one of 84 in the Midwest and serves residents in approximately a 70 miles radius. “We transport people in our service area and take them to the closest facility that is able to meet their medical needs,” explained Rob. “We also complete hospital transfers, taking patients from within our area to larger hospitals with more specialized care if needed.”

The director of the Arkansas Fire Academy Rachel Nix worked closely with Air Evac to help it establish the Camden base on the campus of the academy. “We are located in a very rural part of the state,” explained Rachel. “We are actually 15 miles from town in the rural county of Calhoun. Camden, in Ouachita county, is the closest ambulance service and hospital and by having this helicopter here and knowing there is 70 miles of coverage for the helicopter to get us somewhere is a great benefit to residents of this area. Also knowing that Air Evac Lifeteam will be linked with our hospital and ambulance services means a great deal.”

“The people in Camden and surrounding areas are very fortunate to have access to quality health care services though their local hospitals and EMS providers. Our goal at the Camden Air Evac base is to be an extension of that service by providing rapid transport in critical medical situations,” explained Rob. “We commend local officials with the hospital and EMS service for recognizing the benefits Air Evac Lifeteam is to the patients they serve.”

Air Evac Lifeteam is a membership-supported air ambulance company that provides emergency care and rapid medical transport to rural communities throughout the central U.S. The company operates 84 bases in 14 states. For more information about Air Evac Lifeteam services, call Rob at 417-274-7742 or Air Evac Lifeteam at 1-800-793-0010, or visit