The new NAEMT Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board of Directors during its August conference call. This plan is the culmination of participation from active NAEMT members, association leadership, committees and the Affiliate Advisory Council.

“This strategic plan represents the next steps this association needs to take to really assert itself within the industry as the voice for EMTs and paramedics,” said NAEMT President Jerry Johnston. “This is the first time the leadership of NAEMT has directly incorporated input from our membership into our strategic plan, and that input was invaluable.”

“We look forward to continued growth,” Johnston added. “This plan helps provide the roadmap for that growth. We will build our annual business plans and operating budgets based on our strategic plan.”

Here is the plan in its entirety:

NAEMT Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The mission of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians is to represent and serve Emergency Medical Services personnel through advocacy, educational programs and research.

Our Vision

NAEMT will be the recognized national voice for all EMS practitioners and a passionate advocate of EMS professionalism.

Our Values

  • We believe EMS is a unique and distinct public service.
  • We believe professional education, national education standards and EMS research are essential to the consistent delivery of high quality EMS.
  • We believe all EMS practitioners are entitled to a safe, healthy and respectful work environment.
  • We shall represent the views and concerns of all EMS practitioners wherever they serve.
  • We believe collaboration and unity are essential to the betterment of EMS for all.
  • We shall conduct all aspects of our business with integrity and adhere to the ethical standards of our profession.

Our Strategic Goals

We shall achieve significant membership growth by:

  • Enhancing and improving our membership product.
  • Expanding and intensifying our outreach efforts.
  • Strengthening our communications with members.

We shall strengthen our national voice and expand our advocacy for all EMS practitioners by:

  • Exercising greater leadership in advocating for issues of importance to EMS practitioners.
  • Exercising greater leadership in unifying the EMS industry through collaboration.

We shall continue to grow our educational programs by:

  • Expanding the reach of our current programs.
  • Developing new programs.