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The Rules of EMS

  1. Skin signs tell all.
  2. Truly sick people don’t complain.
  3. Air goes in and out, blood goes round and round, and any variation on this is a bad thing.
  4. The more equipment you see on a EMTs belt, the newer they are.
  5. If you drop the baby, pick it up.
  6. When dealing with patients, supervisors, or citizens, if it felt good saying it, it was the wrong thing to say.
  7. Continued

A Paramedic's Wish

Three medics are walking on a beach, taking a break from an ambulance convention on a tropical island. They happen upon an antique bottle and in examining it, they all-too-predictably release the genie trapped inside. He offers them the obligatory three wishes and they agree to split them: one each.


EMT Definitions of Firefighter Terms

  • Alcohol Foams: What happens when you shake a bottle of alcohol
  • Backdraft: A movie about Firefighters
  • Continued

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Paramedic

10. You can pretend you’re smarter than EMT’s

9. You can park anywhere

8. Nobody questions you when you’re in restricted areas